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New on-the-go Mizo flavored milk drinks!

New products from Mizo!

The market leader Mizo Cocoa is one of our most popular products in the flavored milk drink category, which is why we decided to help cocoa enthusiasts to consume their favorite Mizo cocoa anywhere, anytime.
Thanks to Tetra Pak's state-of-the-art Prisma packaging and resealable cap, our New Mizo cocoa can be stored without refrigeration so it can be with you all day.
Nearly 30% of Hungary's population is lactose-sensitive, so for our consumers who do not want to give up their favorite delicacies we developed the Mizo lactose-free cocoaand put it in one of the most modern packaging in the world, that you can take with you anywhere, anytime.
 Following Mizo cocoa, our most popular flavored milk is theMizo floating island flavored milk drink. For those who like vanilla taste we have also developed the Mizo floating island flavored milk drink that is available in our revolutionary new packaging. The product is available in a 330ml package and does not require refrigeration.

Have Mizo flavored milk drinks from a 330 ml Prisma box! Anywhere, anytime!  


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