Environmentally responsible and conscious choice

Mizo, our milk!

Why is our milk so special?

We are proud of every glass of Mizo milk. The same way as we are proud of our cows and unique wonder farm where we breed more than 2,500 cattle. Our cows can spend their time in a comfortable quartz sand-covered rest area. The side walls of our barn can be lowered and the cows are protected from summer heat by a combination of shower heads and fans. The animals make the short journey to the milking parlor on a comfortable rubber sidewalk, where they are milked under modern conditions with the use of gentle machinery.
Our cows receive nutrient-rich, GMO-free fodder produced on the land cultivated by Bonafarm Group, in a controlled quality and purity.
In addition to the comfortable environment, state-of-the-art technology also helps to produce high quality products. The Cow Manager system provides extensive and continuous information about cows. It monitors their activity and general health by measuring their body temperature and counting ruminations, thus informing them of the condition of their stomach.
The milk given by the cows leaves the milking parlor in a closed pipe network. The system guarantees that milk is delivered in high quality to container trucks and from there to the Sole-Mizo Zrt. facility in Szeged.
In addition to the quality of our products, we also consider it important to focus more and more on packaging. We are proud that we use state-of-the-art Tetra Pak equipment in the Sole-Mizo Zrt. facility in Szeged.

To ensure environmental awareness in 2020 we will start working with Tetra Pak's latest, environmental friendly cartons. Thanks to the development our packaging will contain a high proportion of raw material from plants.
Our milk cartons consist of three main ingredients, the proportions of which vary depending on the type of carton, but all have a common feature, i.e. 70% of them is paper, covered with polyethylene layers. Regarding our aseptic cartons, the carton has a thin layer of aluminum, which provides additional protection for the food it contains.
The outer layers and the screw cap of the new 1 liter and 1.5 liter Mizo UHT milk cartons are made of plant-based polyethylene. The raw material for plant LDPE is sugar cane, which is a renewable raw material. Combined with paper, the plant-based LDPE layer increases the renewable content of packaging by up to 88% and thus this type of packaging contains the least fossil-produced plastic in its category. As a result our packaging materials have a much lower environmental impact than other packaging made entirely from fossil or mineral sources.br /> 
This will make Mizo an even more environmentally conscious choice.
Mizo, our milk