Vanilla cherry soup

Made by:


For 4 persons

30-40 dkg
fresh cherries
or 1 bottle
cherry compote
1 bag
vanilla flavored custard powder
1 large glass
Mizo sour cream (20%, 330 g)
to taste
cinnamon sticks
1 package
vanilla sugar
to taste
sugar or other sweetening matter
1 pinch

for decoration



Put the cherries in a dish and pour in enough water to cover them 2 fingers high (if using a compote, add the juice first and, if necessary, supplement the necessary amount of liquid with water). Sprinkle with vanilla sugar, season with cloves and cinnamon, then cook the mixture.
Mix the pudding powder in a small bowl with sour cream until perfectly smooth. Add spoonfuls of the cherry’s boiling water, mix with it, then add it to the boiling soup while constantly stirring. Sweeten to your taste and add 1 pinch of salt. Cook until it slightly thickens.

Serve the soup in plates, you may decorate it with cooking cream spirals.