Coffee specialties enclosed in paintings

Mizo Art Coffee - Take the art experience with you!

Coffee specialties enclosed in paintings

In the autumn of 2020, in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery, we created a limited edition Mizo Art Coffee collection so that anyone can take the art experience anywhere. Our goal with this exclusive series is to raise our consumers’ interest in art.

The Mizo Coffee Selection product family was created in 2017 and provides continuously expanding varieties to coffee enthusiasts. By now you can choose from 10 different products. Following the debut of Cold Brew in June, we will introduce an innovative packaging design in September.

Our goal was to add a special message to the coffee experience that can be used and enjoyed at the same time. Something that gives cultural knowledge and motivation for learning, to discover art. Something eye-catching and elegant. For this purpose we created a unique Mizo Art Coffee collection, in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery. We linked 3 different paintings to each Mizo Coffee Selection product, so a total of 30 pieces of art will be displayed on Mizo packaging on store shelves.

The paintings will capture our thoughts and bring a few minutes of calm or some new impetus to our everyday lives. While consuming a Flat white, for example, we can stretch together with the Yawning Apprentice or sip into the hopeful sunrise in János Tornyai’s painting before going to work. But there are also pictures of Csontváry, Szinyei, Toulouse-Lautrec and Brueghel in the packaging.

Those who like the uniqueness of the packaging can collect all thirty. To help this effort there is a number at the bottom of all cartons that makes it easier to identify which paintings we have already seen, and which we have not seen yet.

Those who would like to continue enjoying the experience may browse our website. Here you can find the entire collection with descriptions of the paintings, and the Coffee Code also offers much interesting information.

We can only exist just like this. Free. Anywhere. We can take paintings, history, centuries with our coffee.