Mizo, our brand

The mizo brand

The mizo brand

Mizo, our Milk!

As a partner of milk enthusiasts, we would like to show you how healthy and delicious our dairy products are. We work with nearly 1,300 employees to deliver you the most that dairy products can offer. If you need some delicious yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, sour cream, kefir, cream, or a special milk dessert, Mizo is a good choice. Nowadays, there are more and more special needs among consumers of dairy products. That is why we offer both our lactose-sensitive and non-lactose-sensitive consumers a wide range of quality dairy products. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio so that everyone may enjoy a full life. Our decades of experience, the training of our experts and the modern technologies that we use guarantee that you may consume your favorite dairy products in the most varied form and in the best possible quality, even in a lactose-free version.

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