Sustainability Report

Sole-Mizo Inc. considers it an important and fundamental responsibility to conduct its activities in sustainable interaction with the environment. We aim to operate in such a way that everything we borrow from nature we give back and preserve for our children.

As Hungary's leading dairy company, sustainable operation is important to us and we want to play a leading role in this. We are continuously improving our business model and operations to achieve our economic goals in a sustainable way that is in harmony with society and the environment. To achieve this in a structured framework, in 2020 we decided to develop a sustainability strategy that is an integral part of our corporate operations. We also prepared our first Sustainability Report, which summarises our sustainability achievements to date - with a particular focus on 2020 - for our four sites in Hungary, sets out our sustainability commitments and targets up to 2025 and forms the basis of our strategy. The summary of our report for the years 2021-2022 was completed in 2023, and we were able to establish that the previously defined targets are still relevant, only minor modifications were necessary. The report presents our sustainability commitments and objectives, as well as their status.

Our mission is to provide our consumers with delicious, quality and nutritious dairy products. We do this in harmony with our environment and by strengthening our local farms, in the company of proud and satisfied colleagues.

Sustainability Report Summary 2021-2022

Sustainability Report Summary 2020

Our 2025 sustainability targets