Csípőtelek Wonder Farm

Csípőtelek is home to one of the most modern dairy farms in Hungary and Central Europe as well as our Mizo Milk product. Here, on the wonder farm, live the happiest cows in Hungary, that spend their time in a comfortable rest area covered with quartz sand. Our farming technology ensures that the more than 2,500 cattle live in a comfortable environment and always feel good. If a cool wind blows the side walls of the barn will lower, if it is too hot we cool the barn with fans and water sprayed through shower heads. If our cows get hungry all they have to do is take a few steps to the feeding area, where they can snack on fragrant feed for as long as they like.

No wonder that they happily walk to the milking parlor. They make the short journey on a rubber mattress-based sidewalk, milking their full udders in state-of-the-art conditions, with the help of really gentle machines, three times a day. Anyone can taste the white nectar produced by our satisfied cows, as the milk produced in Csípőtelek is delivered to Szeged, where, after the necessary processing, it goes to the Mizo milk cartons and to store shelves.