The Mizo Túró Rudi has been renewed

Taste it!

Mizo Túró Rudi has been a part of life for generations, enjoying unbroken popularity with children and adults, whether it comes in a natural, hazelnut or even floating island flavor.

2021 is another milestone in the life of the product family. This autumn we will support Mizo Túró Rudi with an integrated marketing communication campaign. The popular flavors remain unchanged, but the entire portfolio will have a new look, and comes in different sizes and packaging. Mizo’s natural flavor Túró Rudi is characterized by a creamy soft cottage cheese and a fine cocoa coating. The floating island flavor brings us to the world of classic desserts and is exclusively available in the Mizo portfolio. It is worth a taste!


What is our secret?

Our products are made in our plant in Marcali, which has a history of more than 130 years and has been a center of cottage cheese production since 1984. Tradition speaks for itself, and we always make high-quality, delicious and special cottage cheese desserts from milk supplied Hungarian producers.

Our portfolio also includes unique chocolate curd bars that only we can offer to cottage cheese fans. Mizo's expertise is unquestioned as we see the popularity of our products.

Domestic product, tradition, unrivaled taste experience. It is no wonder that we associate the iconic Mizo Túró Rudi with good mood and happy moments since our childhood!

Our latest news

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