Cherry and poppy seed cottage cheese dumplings

Made by:


Mizo cottage cheese
Mizo curd
10 dkg
a pinch of
5-10 dkg
1 handful (can be fresh or canned)
powdered sugar
to taste
sour cherry

to shoot:

to taste
ground poppy seeds
5 dl
powdered sugar

for bird milk gel:

2-3 pcs
Mizo bird milk
10 dkg
sheet gelatin

for honey-yogurt dressing:

2 dl
to taste
Mizo natural yogurt

for decoration:

to taste
cherry juice (can also be sour cherry juice)
to taste
edible corn starch
to taste
dried violet (optional)
4 pcs
lemongrass leaves (optional)



The ingredients for the cottage cheese dumplings are knead, then rest the dough for at least 1 hour to allow the semolina to absorb the moisture. Shape dumplings from the dough, then cook them in boiling, lightly salted water and roll them in sugary poppy seeds.
For the gel, soak the gelatin sheets in cold water, then fold them into the milk drink heated to 80-90 degrees and stir until completely dissolved. Pour it into any shape of dish, let it cool, then cut it into small cubes.
For the sauce, heat the honey, mix in the yoghurt until smooth.
For the decoration, bring the cherry juice to boil again, then thicken it with some starch. The cottage cheese dumplings are served with thickened cherry juice, sauce, floating island jelly, violet flowers, lemongrass leaves to your taste.