Cherry cake without baking

Made by:
Bánfi Andrea


2 packs (approx. 25 dkg)
butter biscuits

to the cream

2 packs (2 × 44 g)
vanilla flavored custard powder
5 dkg
Mizo teavaj
15 dkg
6 dl
Mizo milk

to the cherry layer

50 dkg
mirelit pitted cherries
2 × 1 dl
3-5 tablespoons
1 heaped tablespoon
cooked vanilla flavored custard powder



Arrange half of the biscuits on the bottom of the baking tray or a heat resistant dish.
For the cream, mix the vanilla powder with sugar and 1 dl of milk until smooth. Boil 5 dl of milk, then pour in the pudding mixture, stirring constantly, and cook until thick. Add the diced butter while still warm and stir until the butter melts in it. Carefully pour the cream over the biscuit layer. (Make sure that the biscuits do not move.)
For the cherry layer, mix the semi-frozen fruit in a blender, then pour it into a pan and heat together with 1 dl of water. Stir in the sugar, and when it boils, fold in the vanilla pudding powder, mixed with 1 dl of water, and cook them together. Carefully spoon over the vanilla layer and spread it even.
Decorate the top of the cake with the other half of the biscuits. Allow the cake to cool to room temperature, then refrigerate for a few hours. Serve sliced.