Gluten and lactose free tapioca dessert

Made by:


Ingredients for 4 glasses

8.25 dkg
Mizo Coffee Selection lactose free cappuccino
tapioca pearls
1 package

for chocolate pudding:

5 dl
gluten-free chocolate-flavored pudding powder
to taste
Mizo lactose-free milk (2.8%)

for serving:

to taste
5 dkg
edible flower



For the coffee layer warm the cappuccino, add the tapioca beads and cook ready, while stirring occasionally, over a low heat for 30-40 minutes. When almost ready, sweeten with sugar to your taste.
For the chocolate layer, cook the pudding powder with the milk into a thick mass.
Spoon the tapioca pudding into the bottom of the glasses first, then the chocolate layer. Serve chilled, decorated with berries and edible flowers.