Main courses

Creamy mushroom pasta

Made by:


For 2 persons

20 dkg
dry pasta
25 dkg
brown mushrooms
20 dkg
zucchini or asparagus
1 db
1 gerezd
1 teaspoon
crumbled thyme
2 dl
Mizo lactose-free cooking cream
1 tablespoon
2 dkg
Mizo lactose-free butter
to taste
chopped chives
to taste
ground pepper
to taste



Clean the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Heat the oil and butter, toss in the mushrooms, the asparagus or zucchini and tomatoes. Bake until golden brown, add salt and pepper in the meantime, season it with thyme and crushed garlic. In the meantime bring some water to boil and cook, then drain the pasta. When the mushroom sauce is ready, pour over the cream, finally mix with the pasta and serve sprinkled with chives.