Cream soup with baked garlic, cauliflower and carrots

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Ingredients for 1,5 l for 6 people

1 head
1 medium (approx. 50dkg)
2 pcs
1 db
2 dl
Mizo lactose-free cooking cream
1 teaspoon
grounded red pepper
1 teaspoon
ground cumin
1 tablespoon
fresh thyme
to taste
olive oil
to taste
to taste
freshly ground pepper



Cut the cauliflower into florets, separate the garlic cloves without peeling them, cut the carrots into slices. Place the vegetables on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, add salt and pepper, sprinkle with a little olive oil, then mix them thoroughly. Bake it in an oven preheated to 200 degrees C in approx. 30 minutes. 
Chop the peeled onion and sauté it in a little oil. Add the spices and pour over 1 liter of water, finally add the fried vegetables and salt to your taste. From the point of boiling, cook over low heat for 10 more minutes, then mix it into a puree with a stick mixer. Add the cream, reheat, but no longer boil. Serve warm.