Mushroom soup with sour cream

Made by:


For 4 persons

50 dkg
5 dkg
dried porcini mushrooms
1 head
5 dl
base juice
to taste
to taste
ground pepper
1 tablespoon
Mizo lactose-free butter
2 dl
Mizo lactose free sour cream
1 tablespoon
edible starch

for serving

to taste (optional)
parsley green
to taste (optional)
Walnut oil



Chop the champignons and fry until brown on butter. Take out some of them and set them aside until served. Add the chopped onion to the fat, sauté for a few minutes, pour over the broth, then add the porcini mushrooms. Add salt and pepper and cook until the dried mushrooms soften. Mix the starch into the sour cream, then add 1 ladleful of the soup, stir until smooth, and pour back into the soup while constantly stirring. Bring it to a boil for a few minutes, serve in plates with the mushrooms, the parsley and sprinkled with walnut oil.