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Chicken breast with wild onion and cottage cheese prepared in a baking tray

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For 4 persons

50 dkg
chicken breast fillet
20 dkg
Mizo cottage cheese
15 dkg
Mizo sour cream
to taste
to taste
freshly ground pepper
to taste
wild onions
5-10 dkg
Mizo grated Trappist cheese aged for 6 weeks
as required
little oil
as required



The chicken breast is cut into thin slices and tenderized. Add salt, pepper, coat it in a little flour and fry both sides in vegetable oil. Put them all in a heat-resistant dish.
Mix the cottage cheese with sour cream and chopped wild onion. Add salt, pepper, and pour it over the meat . Sprinkle with cheese and bake ready at 180 degrees for 15–20 minutes. It is best when the cheese is golden brown on the top. Serve with any garnish you like.