Salty cookies

Cheesy crescent roll

Made by:


1 glass
Mizo natural yogurt
1.5 dl
cooking oil
1.5 dl
Mizo milk (2.8%)
5 dkg
fresh yeast
60 dkg
to taste
to taste
Mizo vaj
to taste
Mizo Trappist cheese
to taste
Mizo smoked cheese
1 db
to taste
to taste
grated cheese
to taste
cumin seeds



Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm milk then knead the dough together with the other ingredients and let it rise to double of its original size. Knead again, let it rise and divide into 10 loaves. Roll out all of them in pairs into a circle. Grease one layer with butter and put the other on its top, but do not butter the second one. Divide into 8 slices, put Trappist or smoked cheese at their end, then roll them up towards the narrower end. The top of the crescent roll is smeared with the beaten egg and can be sprinkled with sesame or cumin seeds or grated cheese to your taste. Bake at 180 degrees until golden brown.